how to remove or hide your profile picture off Facebook

I wanted to remove my profile picture or, if that was not possible, replace it with some other image.

To do this

  • I logged into facebook
  • Clicked on “Profile”
  • Clicked on the “View Photos of Me” link (just under my profile picture)

A gallery of photos of me appears

  • I scrolled down to the bottom of the page to see my albums.
  • I clicked on the album named “Profile Pictures”
  • I clicked on “Change Profile picture” - but, as expected, there did not appear to be an option to show “No photo”. The only options I had were to “Select a profile photo from your Profile Picture Album.”
  • So this means, in order to stop displaying my profile picture to the World, I have to either
    • provide/upload an alternative photo to select as The profile picture to use, or
    • delete all photos from the “Profile Picture Album”
  • I think i will do the former.
  • Quick Fix Using WebCam Tool :On Faceook’s “Edit Profile Picture” page it has a handy tool that allows you to take a picture, there and then, using a web cam. I kept the lens cap on my webcam and then used the tool to snap a pic. This seemed to start using the new, solid black, picture as my profile picture with no further actions needed.
  • Later I replaced it with something more funky
    You are free to use this, “Robots Don’t Index Me! picture” as your default profile pic if you like:

Why Did I Act to Remove My Profile Photo? You May Ask.

I joined Facebook to keep in touch with my friends. I have no interest in finding new friends using the internet or letting stalkers catch up with me.

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  2. Matthias Says:

    I just removed my profile picture, was not intuitive but easy:
    - click on profile
    - click on your profile picture
    (Now you’re on “Profile pictures”)
    - click on the picture that is your current profile picture
    - (after scrolling down) click on “Remove as Profile Picture” (and confirm)

    => For-everyone-visible-profile-picture is reset to the white-blue default phantom picture,
    your uploaded photo is still in the “profile pictures” album

  3. sabine Says:

    but how can i get the picture out of the profile picture album? ..or make it go blank there.. without deleting all former profile pictures?

  4. Raja faiz Says:

    i block the profile picture on my facebook account how can open it

  5. ayal Says:

    To reset your profile picture, you need to put your mouse over the picture and click, it will show you what to do from there.

  6. nimmanaveen Says:

    Go to profile pictures folder, double click on the old profile photo you want to delete. Scroll down. Bottom left you see “delete this photo”. Click it and then press confirm to delete

  7. Jeigh Says:

    After removing the profile pix is there a way to get rid of the default silhouette ? It blocks part of my cover pix and I want to remove it completely.

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