How to make your friends list invisible to the World on facebook

Update - Facebook has changed since this post was written. So, this technique no longer works.However, Charlie suggested an alternative in the comments below.

Since the recent change in Facebook’s privacy policy, it seems that you can no longer make your profile totally invisible to the World.

However, you can set an option that tells Facebook not to show your Friends List to the World. But, it also means that you don’t show it to your own friends either.

Here’s how to do this:

  • Login to Facebook
  • Click ‘Profile’ (on the top navigation bar) to get to your profile page.
  • Find the ‘Friends Box’ on the side bar
  • Click on the ‘Edit Link’  (the little ‘pencil icon’)
  • Uncheck the option that says “Show my friends on my profile”

Now to test if it worked…

Test To See How the World Sees Your Facebook Profile.

  • Click ‘Settings’ (on the top navigation bar)
  • A drop down list appears:
    Click ‘Privacy Settings’
  • The Privacy Settings Menu Page appears
    Click “Search”. (In fact you could probably click on any of the options)
  • The Privacy Settings > Search page appears
    Click the “Preview My Profile” button
  • You can then see how your profile looks to the outside World.


8 Responses to “How to make your friends list invisible to the World on facebook”

  1. » Consequence Facebook Privacy Change - Why have I lost my fans? - Eat My Business Says:

    How to make your friends list invisible to the World on facebook […]

  2. nic Says:

    Actually: your own friends WILL see your friends list! Only the outside (non facebook friends) won’t see the list this way. You can check the view any of your freinds has by clicking on “Preview how your Profile appears to another person” on the privacy settings > searhc page.

  3. syra Says:

    it doesnt work!

  4. Deborah Hall Says:

    This does NOT work!!!!!

  5. Charlie Says:

    It’s Simple ,
    * Go To Your Profile And Scroll Down To Where You See The Top Of Your Friends List .
    * There Is A Little Box With A Pencil In It . Click That ! Then ,
    * It Will Saw Something About Family Members And Other Things .
    * Go To Where Is Says Friends , And
    * To The Left There Will Be A Clip Art Of A Globe And A Down Arrow . Click The Arrow ! Then ,
    * It Will Say Custom . Click That And Then Press ‘Only Me’ .
    * Then Save Your Changes And You’re Done ! (:

  6. John Says:

    @Charlie. Thanks for adding the comment on how to do this.

  7. Michael Says:

    it’s actually ways better. You can hide your Friends from a special group (close friends, acquaintance or a custom group) or/and u decide on a per user basis if he/she can view this single friend.
    it’s very flexible and no one can complain anymore ;)

  8. MaryEsther Provencio Says:

    What I want to know is how to make ads, like DirecTV and Petflow invisible! I cannot “unfriend” them!

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