About Me

Johnnie Walker runs an online business in the UK. He set up this blog in order to keep a personal record of all the things that he has tried to understand and learn. He has a terrible memory.

“If I don’t say ‘Hi’, its because I’ve forgotten who you are”.

“I tend to be easily distracted. If I fell out of a building, by the time I’d got half-way down I’d have started on a project to clean the windows.

“This susceptibility to distraction is especially true when there is a computer in front of me that is connected to the World Wide Web. I am writing this blog because one week ago I set off to search for a PHP ticketing system to be installed on my website. Then, one distraction after another, I have ended up installing WordPress, right here, on my new website instead. I have yet to download, let alone install, a ticketing system.”

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